Evaluation biodiesel facility

Evaluation of the entire business operation

Our www.biobased-business.eu team was contacted by a Swiss group for the evaluation of a biodiesel facility in Western Europe. Besides a short technical evaluation, also the entire business organization was examined on request. An evaluation of the feedstock in relation to the existing facilities is one of the major issues.

Consulting & Operational Support

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A number of our services are:

  • Assistance setting up Goals and Objectives in close cooperation with customers
  • Setup and give guidance to consortia
  • Environmental & Regulatory Permitting
  • Setup and implementation of project organization
  • Setup and implementation of the contract strategy
  • Providing Quick scans
  • Surveys and audits
  • Asset Management / Operational Management / Sourcing en Training
  • Dispute management (Mediation)
  • Project recovery
  • Development and improvement of business
  • Improvement maintenance systems
  • Verification check project status progress
  • Risk / opportunity analysis / Trouble Shooting & Solutions
  • Temporary project support / sourcing
  • Compliance projects