Innovation project SILVER saves millions

In the Dutch province of Limburg, Letters of Intent were signed between a number of SMEs that collaborate with each other in terms of the raw materials they use and the waste products they produce. The signing of the cooperation agreements took place in the presence of our team member Marco Siemerink, commissioner Bert Kersten (Sustainability and Energy), chairman Jan Zuidam of the Limburg Employers Association (LWV) and sector manager sustainability and society Bart Tonnaer of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (

The collaboration between the companies takes place in the context of the SILVER project, using a methodology that aims to accelerate innovation in the industry. SILVER stands for: Symbiosis in Limburg and Accelerating Realization. The process is in principle very simple: companies from all sectors are brought together in informal workshops with the aim of sharing as much information as possible about raw materials, waste, energy, services, knowledge and other innovative ideas. This provides new forms of cooperation between businesses and institutions.

The basic idea is simple: to use raw materials and waste products that you produce as a company as smart and responsible as possible (and working together on this issue with other entrepreneurs). This will not only contribute to a sustainable future, but you can also increase your profits. According Bert Kersten, innovation is the foundation for growth. Over the past year and a half, the SILVER partnerships already yielded some 5 million in savings.

SILVER is a partnership between the Province of Limburg, LWV and The project started in 2013 launched. Since then, some 70 companies have signed up. A recent workshop floor was good for a whopping 298 matches. Team members of are helping the participants to find solutions for the many obstacles they encounter.

Source:; Maarten van Laarhoven

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Development and implementation of a multi-functional construction yard in Nigeria

On Wednesday, the 11th of March 2015, our team members Peter van Leeuwen and Jacques van Egeraat have signed a contract for the development and implementation of a multi-functional construction yard in full compliance with international standards, in Port Harcourt, Riverstate , Nigeria.

This state of the art facility will be fully operational for Oil & Gas, Petro-chemical and Chemical industry that includes a private harbor. Besides construction and maintenance buildings, the project further includes a dry and wet storage terminal.

The presence of a permanent Engineering team will support the Nigerian Customer on a daily basis both active in the Netherlands and Nigeria. Both Customer and our team members in the Netherlands have agreed for a long term relationship as stipulated by the contract.

Activities have already been initiated by means of a Business Plan in which all activities to be explored are identified and implemented.

The full range of integrated services enables us to support our client on any aspect of complex developments of a large scale project on any location worldwide. This project underlines our capabilities and the confidence we can offer to our clients that expectations will be achieved or even improved.

It`s our challenge to relieve our clients of all the stress and challenges related to the projects and to manage the risk and looking for opportunities.