We are a supplier of 2nd generation ethanol production technology. These facilities differ in capacity and principle, depending on resources used. This diversity creates the possibility to offer you the right technology for your business case.

Biochemicals are the future. A golden opportunity is to be found in increasing the applications of industrial biotechnology and biobased feedstock for the fermentation-based chemical industry. This opportunity spans the entire value chain, from seed to “drop-in” chemicals and new functional molecules with new properties.

All major global brand-owners of consumer products are pushing harder for sustainability in their product portfolio, end-to-end value chains and consumer brand marketing. Given the limited availability of arable and fertile land, the use of sugars for fuel and, to some extent, high value-added biobased chemicals and materials using first generation fermentation technology raises additional questions.

The global fermentation-based industry processes either sugars, starches or cellulosic origins, including finished products such as production grade white sugar and intermediates such as thick juice and cane juice. By far the largest share goes to bioethanol in terms of volume and in terms of value. However, functional molecules (including plastics) provide a much higher economic added value and market growth in the biobased chemical segment compared to alcohols and biogas. Also, the added value in relation to the use of arable land is very attractive for functional molecules.

Our experts help you with the development and engineering of these biochemicals and processes.