On Wednesday, the 11th of March 2015, our team members Peter van Leeuwen and Jacques van Egeraat have signed a contract for the development and implementation of a multi-functional construction yard in full compliance with international standards, in Port Harcourt, Riverstate , Nigeria.

This state of the art facility will be fully operational for Oil & Gas, Petro-chemical and Chemical industry that includes a private harbor. Besides construction and maintenance buildings, the project further includes a dry and wet storage terminal.

The presence of a permanent Engineering team will support the Nigerian Customer on a daily basis both active in the Netherlands and Nigeria. Both Customer and our team members in the Netherlands have agreed for a long term relationship as stipulated by the contract.

Activities have already been initiated by means of a Business Plan in which all activities to be explored are identified and implemented.

The full range of integrated services enables us to support our client on any aspect of complex developments of a large scale project on any location worldwide. This project underlines our capabilities and the confidence we can offer to our clients that expectations will be achieved or even improved.

It`s our challenge to relieve our clients of all the stress and challenges related to the projects and to manage the risk and looking for opportunities.