Project Details

Mil Madereiras (Amazonas, Brasil) is a Sustainable Forest Management company with a monthly production of 3000 Mt of processed hardwood in the Brazilian Amazon including responsibility of a biomass power plant.
Electricity of the operation came from a 9 Mw thermoelectric power plant using wood residues from the wood processing activities.
The project displaces more carbon intensive electricity from the grid with electricity generated from GHG ( Green House Gasses) neutral biomass. The project thereby uses wood processing residues from sustainable renewable sources as a fuel to power the thermal facility through a high pressure boiler (42 bar) and a multiple stage condensing steam turbine (9000 KWa) coupled with a power generator (10.000 KVa) that provides 30 % of plant- and 70% of the electricity consumption to the local region of appr. 100.000 inhabitants.
Yearly output was around 52.000 MWh.

The project estimated emission reductions from the grid electricity displacement component are 43.806 tCO²e per year and 101.564 tCO²e per year for the methane avoidance component.

Job description

Maintenance management